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Square Dance Callers & Cuers – SW & Central Ohio

So… you have decided you want to dance, but where DO you find and contact those elusive square dance leaders? It’s tough! Heck, even I had trouble finding all the information to fill everything in. Below, you will find the most current information that I was able to gather. I know it can be intimidating to select a caller from just a bunch of names, so if you need help, contact me! I would be happy to suggest someone that would be a perfect fit for your special night. I hope to hear from you!

**NOTE: If you know of additions, subtractions or corrections that need to be made, please drop me a line!

Courts, Pamela (B-C1) 513-346-0389   Cincinnati, OH (USA)
Abney, Sharon Murphy 513-232-1303   Cincinnati, OH (USA)
Alexander, Tom 614-962-1287  
Beavers, Ray  (B-P) 937-652-3011  
Blaylock, John 513-319-9207   Cincinnati, OH (USA)
Bertram, Ron (B-P) 513-851-4543   Cincinnati, OH (USA)
Clausing, Mark (B-A2) 513-858-6340  
Conrad, Don (Adv & C) 614-882-6743  Lewis Center, OH (USA)
Courts, Pamela (B-C1) 513-346-0389   Cincinnati, OH (USA)
Cox, Jim (B-A2) 513-706-5896   Cincinnati, OH (USA)
Davis, Tom (B-C1) 859-652-9328  
Daye, Bob 614-876-6665  
Doyle, Velma 614-837-6974   Columbus, OH (USA)
Fergus, Pam 614-306-0578   Columbus, OH (USA)
Hall, Mike 740-393-1328  
Hutton, Gary 765-215-7545  
Jackson, Marianne   513-761-4088   Cincinnati, OH (USA)
Johnson, Mark 614-885-5986   Columbus, OH (USA)
Jones, Bob 937-339-1286  
Kincade, Gary 937-318-8037  
Laudenschlager, Ed 614-851-3233   Columbus, OH (USA)
Magnet, Homer 740-820-8594   Minford, OH (USA)
Owens, Estil 513-671-7219 estilbettyfaye@zoomtown.c0m   Cincinnati, OH (USA)
Pabst, Ed 740-374-7030   Marietta, OH (USA)
Pladdys, Jack (B-C1) 513-737-1057   Cincinnati, OH (USA)
Powell, Eddie 614-772-7377   Columbus, OH (USA)
Raleigh, Jason (B-A2) 614-906-8898   Columbus, OH (USA)
Record, Gene 859-441-9155   Cincinnati, OH (USA)
Reinhardt, Tom 937-430-5945  
Roberts, Ken   937-435-7430   Dayton, OH (USA)
Van Dyk, Dave 614-582-0331  
Whitaker, Cindy (B-A2) 513-939-1695  
Berry, Chuck 740-454-1319  
Bishop, Linda 937-843-9655   Dayton, OH (USA)
Burdette, Phyllis 740-504-1059  
Hamilton, Betty 513-851-4972   Cincinnati, OH (USA)
Hutton, Gary 765-215-7545  
Jackson, Marianne 513-761-4088   Cincinnati, OH (USA)
Johnson, Mark 614-885-5986   Columbus, OH (USA)
Lewis, Stuart 937-369-1187  
Powell, Sue 740-336-4974  
Schappacher, Carl 513-791-1438   Cincinnati, OH (USA)
Shover, Bob 614-877-4842  
Skinner, Kathleen 513-521-1559   Cincinnati, OH (USA)
Wintrow, Elaine 937-473-3453  
Bennett, Barb 513-232-4207   Cincinnati, OH (USA)
Bertram, Ron 513-851-4543   Cincinnati, OH (USA
Blaylock, John 513-319-3012   Cincinnati, OH (USA
Courts, Pamela 513-346-0389   Cincinnati, OH (USA
Jackson, Marianne 513-761-4088   Cincinnati, OH (USA
Kincade, Gary 615-717-8215  
Maloney, Judy 513-769-0046   Cincinnati, OH (USA
Pladdys, Jack 513-737-1057   Cincinnati, OH (USA
Raleigh, Kathleen & Jason 614-906-8898   Columbus, OH (USA)
Winkler, Rose 937-233-6247   Dayton, OH (USA)


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