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For the longest time, I thought that, between Callerlab, Taminations,, Vic Ceder and Rich Reel, all of the internet resources for square dance callers had been covered. I could not have been more wrong!  There are literally HUNDREDS of square dance calling gems out there in every corner of the globe just waiting to be discovered. Sometimes all it takes is looking beyond the first couple pages of search engine results!

For any square dance caller (or dancer!) interested in developing or improving their calling repertoire, the internet provides a plethora of options for everything from music to choreography. Stop by and browse awhile. You never know what little gem you might find to add a spark to your next dance event!


If you are using or performing copyrighted music in public, you need a license. Even if your functions are only for fund-raising/non-profit/charity, you need to have yourself covered. Really.

Callerlab – Callerlab offers callers the affordable opportunity to purchase music licensing whether you are a member or not. In addition to the BMI/ASCAP licensing, you can also opt to buy the $3 million liability insurance for a very small additional fee.

American Callers Association – The ACA offers callers another affordable opportunity to purchase music licensing whether you are a member or not. A quick process – just print off the form, fill it in and then send it in with your fee. Done!

ASCAP  Here is the scoop straight from the source on when and why you need a license for ASCAP music. And yes, you can buy your license from them. But you will also need to visit and purchase from BMI – “the other guys” in the equation.

BMI    Here is the other half of the licensing equation and perhaps a few answers to your burning questions of when and why. And yes, they will be more than happy to sell you a license. But after checking them out, you will probably be more than a little grateful that we have Callerlab and ACA acting in our best interests!

MUSIC RESOURCES square dance caller’s best friend! THE place to go for all things square and round dance… as well as all things lines, contra, clogging, traditional,etc. You name it… they probably “got” it! This is the one stop shopping place for most of your square dance needs. Instead of multiple sites for supplies, you can buy from many of the producers in one reliable location. SOoooo easy! And in addition to music, they have all the equipment and educational materials you will need to set up shop.

Music for Callers – A really great page put together by the CALLERLAB Music Producer’s Committee. It is billed as “an all-inclusive website featuring links to samples of square dance music available today” … all in one convenient spot. There are labels there I didn’t even know existed! You can search for songs or click to browse what each label has to offer. So much fun! Definitely the place to go to find music you may have otherwise missed!



Callerlab is the main international organization for square dance callers. It is where you can get the most current call lists and definitions as well as information on other programs and square dance caller issues.

Taminations has just about everything that a person needs to visually learn about all the calls on the lists from Basic through Challenge. Here is a program that has the calls divided by level, the definitions and then animations of the calls from possible formations. Truly awesome. You get a bird’s eye view of the calls  so you can really get a feel for the flow of the call. I like how accessible they have made the program so that you can use the program online OR download it to your computer.  And guess what? IT’S ALL FREE!! (Although I am sure they would totally appreciate a donation or two to go towards maintaining and updating this awesome resource!)

Square Dance Resource Net (Vic & Debbie Ceder) –  – The Cadillac of square dance caller resources. Hands down. It simply doesn’t get any better, imho. You can tell that these people have put YEARS, not hours, into organizing and building a site to give callers enough material to last MORE than a lifetime. If you can’t find something here to spark your interest, you should give it up and take up bowling.

Rich Reel’s A very close second to the Ceder site, here is another amazing source for great square dance calling material from people who obviously have poured their heart into it! Articles, modules, diagrams, singing call figures, choreo bits and pieces, handy tools, music tips… it’s all here. Seriously, if you are into modules, this site would be called “heaven”.

Tony Collingwood’s PacesettersUK Site –  Honestly, I haven’t had a chance to explore this, but Tony (a challenge caller from the UK) has been working to create a database of free mp3 dance recordings. The majority are currently patter calls for two couple dancing at the Advanced and Challenge levels; however, there are some for Mainstream and Plus as well. These dance recordings look like a great source for workshops. The recordings are free to use – Tony just asks for 2 things: 1) For people to let him know if there are any broken links or corrections… and 2) For people to share the recordings to anyone who might enjoy and benefit from them! (You might also be curious to check out other UK square dance resources at











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