Grrrrrr…Spam Bombing (Yes, that’s a thing…)

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Anyone who knows me know that I love to talk. I especially l love sitting back with a cup of coffee (or other beverage…lol) and discussing current events. I love feedback. It gets the juices going and ideas really begin to whiz around in my head like little crazy flying saucers. (great visual, don’t ya think?)

One of the reasons I wanted to start this website is so that we could present ideas and engage in conversation. My thought was that the comments area would allow for a great conversation. And I still have high hopes for that down the road. But I have hit a small snag and am trying to figure out the best way around it.

Spam bombers have found my little website and are besieging it with comment spam. UGH! Yesterday, they sent over 4,500 spam comments to my website. Ignorant, destructive and selfish little people will always find a way to mess up a good thing. What I would love to do is give them a good swift kick in the keister. But, since they are cowardly ghosts hiding behind thousands of pseudonyms, I cannot confront them directly. The quickest and most efficient way to stop them right now is to just turn off the comments.

In the long-run, I will want to find a filter that will effectively stop these guys. But, for a quick fix,  this will have to do. Never fear, though. If you would like to contact me, just drop me an email. That’s quicker anyway. And then I will post an addendum to the relevant articles. Clear as mud? No? Well, just email me. 🙂

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