Welcome to The Square Dance Place!

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Welcome to The Square Dance Place!

Thanks for stopping in. I hope you will find a few things of interest here whether you are a current square dancer or just someone curious about our wonderful activity.

This site is will eventually have lots of pages with valuable information for clubs, dancers, callers and other visitors. Some of the stuff is missing right now because this is brand new and currently under construction…

I am so excited to finally have a place to build this website! I wish all my thoughts would instantly materialize as completed webpages but it doesn’t work that way. lol So, I will be plugging away at this a little at a time. I plan to have lots of things of interest here… so please check back often! And please feel free to contribute!

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  1. Pam

    Nicely done site – lot’s of great information across the spectrum of square dance.

    Clean, consistent and attractive –



  2. Brava Pam!
    Great job getting your website up and running.
    So wonderful to see you and above all dance to your great calling at IL State Convention!
    Sarvani & Co
    Fairfield, IA

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